Why is it worth to bet on tiles and where to buy them at the best prices?

Why is it worth to bet on tiles and where to buy them at the best prices?

Tiles are nowadays one of the most popular elements of ground cover in houses and apartments. It has long since ceased to be used exclusively for bathrooms, and today it would be difficult to imagine a kitchen, hall or even a living room without them. Although not in each of these rooms they are the main element of the floor covering, they often complement the arrangement. In a word: today you just have to buy them. Unfortunately, versatility, ease of maintenance and durability, but also a huge selection cost money and not everyone is able to invest in the tiles of their dreams. But are you sure? What about the people who visit the tile outlet? We will tell about all of this in our article, focusing only on the most important things.

The main advantages of using tiles

When deciding on tiles, regardless of whether we visit a tile outlet or a standard tile store, we can count on huge benefits related to their selection. The greatest one is their versatility and universality. Not only that we can freely choose them to the existing arrangement of our interior, we also have the opportunity to combine them with its other elements. What’s more, their producers give us access to a huge number of their colors, patterns, sizes and shapes, which further improves their usability.

The tiles are very easy to maintain – although they get dirty exactly like any other surface, they are very easy to clean, which in turn saves us a lot of time. They are the perfect choice for:

  • bathrooms , where we appreciate above all their resistance to moisture,
  • a kitchen in which they will prove themselves due to the fact that they are easy to keep clean,
  • a living room in which they will perfectly complement a TV wall,
  • hall , welcoming guests with cleanliness and anti-slip qualities.

Where to buy tiles? List of the most popular places

When thinking about buying tiles, most often we go directly to a DIY store – one located in a shopping mall or a free-standing one. Indeed, it is a good option because it is very close to us. However, not always cheap and with a huge assortment. An option for us is also a stationary specialist store with tiles – there the choice will be much greater, but the prices may turn out to be quite prohibitive. The golden mean in all this may be the Internet, where we will find by far the largest selection and the most affordable prices. Its huge downside, however, is the fact that we can’t really touch the tiles and see them with our own eyes (at least until we receive them). As we know, however, photos very often do not reflect reality, and can even distort it.

A great option for people who have a small budget, but at the same time want to bet on good quality tiles, properly suited to their interior arrangement, is a tile outlet and although it is usually accompanied by negative connotations, it should not really arouse them – especially since it works in a legal and offers tiles from well-known manufacturers at highly competitive prices. We talk more about it below.

What is a tile outlet and why is it so cheap there?

The tile outlet we mentioned at the beginning is a great place to offer tiles at very competitive prices. Its operation is simple – its assortment includes mainly the last tiles of the series data, which most likely will not be produced any further. Therefore, you need to take all that are on offer. Not always their number is enough to cover the entire bathroom with them , and in the event of a mistake in laying, it will not be possible to buy them. If these two aspects do not bother us, or the surface we want to cover is not too large, this is an ideal option for us.
Any tile outletworks in cooperation with their producers, therefore it can offer absolutely the lowest price among all the options mentioned above. He often sells his tiles … at cost, trying to get rid of them from the warehouse. Importantly, it offers a very wide range of products, and within it you can often (or even usually) find tiles that have long been unavailable in showrooms. So we can get something unconventional, unique and simply unheard of.

When choosing the tile outlet, however, we must be careful, because it also ends up with tiles with minor defects or flaws. So, always ask the employee what is the reason for their model being sold in the outlet model.


Although tiles, especially those of the highest quality, and usually just the ones we like (this is our misfortune), can cost a lot, they can often be bought cheaper, reaching for a tile outlet, and although the term itself may be rejected, you should not discourage him. Instead, it is worth getting acquainted with its offer and which tiles go with it. Especially since the benefits of this type of surface finish say one thing: it is definitely worth betting on.