Why are employees from Ukraine so successful?

Why are employees from Ukraine so successful?

At the moment, the presence of people from Ukraine in Poland is not something completely new to us. This is because when several years ago these people started to appear in our country en masse, it caused contradictory feelings in us, sometimes our interest. Today, Ukrainians live in Poland in most cities. Children go to kindergartens and schools, we see Ukrainian workers in shops, and the Ukrainian language is absolutely nothing new to us. 

Today we would like to focus primarily on who they are employees from Ukraine arehow they work, what they can offer us. We will look at everything in terms of what kind of employees they are, how they can be hired, and what to pay attention to when hiring. One thing is certain – these employees are highly praised in Poland and an increasing number of entrepreneurs are putting their trust in them. Why? We will write about all this and many other things in this article.

How to get employees from Ukraine?

The popularity of employees from Ukraine is very high, and in fact, more and more of them are appearing in our country every month. They work in stores, in warehouses, as couriers, in restaurants or in production. If they know the language and have the appropriate qualifications, they are more and more often employed in senior positions. Employees from Ukraine they are becoming more and more popular and are a group of people who are employed without any problems. So how can we hire such employees? Where to look for them? On the one hand, if we post an advertisement and such employees report themselves by sending their CV.

Because when they come to Poland, they search for advertisements themselves and thus apply for a given position. However, you can bet on other solutions, including, for example, employment agencies, in which they are such employees from Ukraine are registered and if the employer is looking for employees, he reports to such an agency and it looks for suitable people for the positions. Therefore, it is up to us entrepreneurs what choice we make. One thing is certain – if we want an employee in a given specialization of Ukrainian nationality, we will definitely be able to get him. Certainly, thanks to employment agencies, it is more simple, quick and comfortable, so if we care about it – we will definitely get it.

Employment agencies and employees from Ukraine

There are many employment agencies on the market that are extremely popular. There are more and more of them and their hands are full of work. Agencies are chosen both by entrepreneurs who want to find suitable employees, but agencies also choose people looking for a job, thanks to whom they can get one. If Ukrainian workers are involvedIn this case, the agencies operate very dynamically and offer the employers and employees full support, assistance and comprehensive execution of the task at the highest level. Ukrainians who come to Poland and do not have a job yet, report to a specific agency.

There, they have to complete the full documentation and complete the appropriate application. On this basis, if there is a job for which a person with these specific qualifications is needed, then the agency calls the potential employee and offers him the job. The same applies to employees, they advertise, and the agency is looking for Ukrainian employees who could take it. Although agencies earn money on this and by finding employees or offering them jobs, they give lower amounts than if we were employed by the company, but when it comes toworkers from Ukraine – for them, this is one of the most profitable and best options in every possible way. Are employment agencies a good way to do business? Of course, because it is a form of business that is very popular.

Choosing the right Ukrainians for work

If we want to focus on employees from Ukraine, we must first of all pay attention to what we expect. It is known that it is not nationality that indicates who we employ, but personal conditions, but it is worth pointing to what we expect from the employee. What deserves recognition is that workers from Ukraine usually try much harder than their compatriots. They are more committed to work, give more and do their best because they care about work. They do not want to change it every now and then for another, but they want a permanent job that will guarantee them a steady income. Employees are punctual, willing to take overtime, they decide to take on various additional jobs, because they simply care about such work.

Some Ukrainians come to Poland for a while to earn and return, others decide to live in Poland permanently. One thing is certain – if we want good employees, we will definitely get them. The most important thing is to pay attention to their competences and qualifications so that they meet our needs.