Which garden mower to choose?

Which garden mower to choose?

Abeautifully trimmed and well-kept lawn can be a showcase of our home. We often spend time in the garden to relax and rest after a hard day’s work. We invite friends for a barbecue and we play with the children. For this reason, it is worth taking care of it properly to make it our pride. To trim it thoroughly, it is worth investing in a good quality lawn mower. There is a wide selection of such devices on the market, but they differ in certain parameters. When purchasing, you should decide on the type of mowing mechanism drive and additional functions of the equipment.

What to look for when buying a lawn mower ?

1. The size of the lawn

It depends on the size of our lawn which equipment will be more suitable for us. If our garden is relatively small, then an electric lawnmower or a model with a manual drive will suffice. An electric lawn mower is a good option if, for example, you care for a lawn in an allotment garden. These models have a cable, so they are not very comfortable to use on larger mowing areas. Electric mowers are also cheaper to buy than combustion equipment. The petrol lawn mower is recommended for larger lawns, so that it can be used for a long time, it is worth remembering about its proper maintenance. For a good petrol lawn mower, you should pay even more than PLN 1000.

2. Cutting width

The wider the mowing width, the shorter the mower’s work time. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the cutting width in the model selected by us. If our lawn is large, so that we have to cover as few kilometers as possible while mowing, choose a product that is as wide as possible. Thanks to this, we will also save our valuable time.

3. Mowing frequency

If we want to mow frequently, twice a week, and our lawn is small, then the best option will be to invest in a lawn mower with knives on a drum, i.e. a drum mower. This method of mowing has a positive effect on the grass, the ends do not fray and the lawn looks perfect. Another good option if you are regularly mowing your lawn is a mulching mower . Mulching allows the grass to be finely ground in the garden. Rotary mowers are suitable for mowing the lawn once a week or less frequently.

4. The appearance of the lawn

If in our garden there are many shrubs, flowers, trees or a flowerbed, then it is a good idea to buy a mower with swivel wheels that will easily avoid all obstacles. The mower with large drive wheels is better suited for uneven lawns or on slopes.

5. Additional equipment

When buying a lawn mower , you should also pay attention to its accessories. It is good if it is equipped with a brake that stops the knives and a motor immediately after releasing the drive lever. The electric mower should have protection against accidental switching on. Each lawn mower must be certified with the Safety Mark.It is worth investing in a mower with large wheels, which will facilitate mowing the grass. Wheels mounted on ball bearings are much easier to use. Such equipment also needs to be reasonably light in order to be picked up and transported to the storage location. Gasoline lawn mowers with a steel casing weigh the most. A lawn mower must be resistant to corrosion and deformation, it is good if it is also not too loud. Aluminum and plastic are very often used for the production of mowers, showing high resistance to damage and a visible reduction of the emitted noise. Before buying a mower, it is also worth checking whether there is an authorized service near our place of residence. We will then be able to make any warranty or post-warranty repairs there.

Which mower is better with or without a drive?

Hand-powered mowers can handle well, but only in small areas. Recommended for small lawns with many obstacles. Thanks to the manual drive, we can, above all, control our mower much better. In a small area, we can also handle difficult places, where careful maneuvering is necessary so as not to damage other plants growing in the garden. Motorized lawn mowers will prove themselves in larger spaces. Thanks to them, we can cut large areas quickly and with little effort.

A lawn mower with or without a basket?

After mowing the grass, always collect the grass and dispose of it. Leaving cut grass on the lawn will negatively affect its condition. If our garden is large and we cannot rake the grass, then it is worth investing in a grass mower with a basket. In such a basket, the grass is stored, and if necessary, we empty our basket, leaving the grass, for example, in a home composter. Baskets differ in capacity, in the case of combustion equipment they usually have a capacity of up to 85 liters. Electric versions, on the other hand, were equipped with baskets from 25 to 35 liters.