What should you remember when organizing a wedding ceremony and reception?

What should you remember when organizing a wedding ceremony and reception?

Awedding and a wedding are two events in life that are considered the most important by many people. Organizing a wedding reception is a very big logistical and financial challenge. How to prepare all the necessary things so as not to go bankrupt at the same time? This question is asked by many young couples and their families. In today’s article, we advise you on how to organize a wedding ceremony and reception. 

Organization of a wedding reception – how to go about it?

Organizing a wedding reception is a very long process that requires a lot of attention. After all, we have to choose a date, a wedding room, set a menu, possible games, choose wedding rings, prepare a list of guests, and arrange their places at the table. A separate issue is the purchase of a wedding dress and a suit. The number of things that cannot be forgotten is really huge. This guide will be of great help to anyone who doesn’t know how to go about it.

Wedding date – what will be the best?

It is not easy to determine the date on which the wedding and marriage ceremony is to take place. However, we should start with this issue – all further decisions will depend on the chosen date, so it must be approached with great caution and responsibility. Of course, it would be possible to change the date set once, but the closer it is to the date of the wedding, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, it is best to choose a date that is well thought out and does not need to be changed. This way, we will save a lot of time and nerves.

What month is the wedding to be held?

A popular superstition says that the best months for weddings and weddings are those that contain the letter “r” in their name. The organization of the wedding and marriage ceremony during such months is to be a guarantee that the life of the future bride and groom will be fully sustainable, harmonious and happy. People who do not believe in the magic of the letters of the alphabet for their further life can start choosing the month with the season they like best.
Of course, the organization of weddings takes place most often in the spring and summer months. It is fully understandable. The so-called wedding season takes place from May to September. During this period there is a high probability that the weather will be good. However, it is also connected with the fact that the number of available dates is very small. When organizing a wedding from September to May, the number of free dates is much greater. This does not mean, however, that organizing a wedding in January is a bad solution. On the contrary. Outside of the warm season, we won’t have to worry about thirty-degree heat or huge thunderstorms. When we’re lucky, the wedding can take place in a beautiful setting with lots of snow. Such circumstances will surely appeal to the young couple and all invited guests. It is also worth knowing aboutthat out of season dates can be booked at much lower prices. Therefore, if we do not care very much about organizing a wedding in the summer, we will save a lot of money.

On what day of the week to organize a wedding and a wedding reception?

In most cases, weddings and weddings are organized on Saturdays. Recently, however, more and more often this type of celebration is also organized on Fridays and Thursdays. You have to remember that if we organize a wedding on Friday, it may not be possible to prepare after-parties for Saturday in the same place due to the fact that another wedding is to take place on that day.

Let’s get to know the parents together

 After choosing the exact wedding date, you need to move on to the next point. It is to introduce the parents to each other. Of course, this only applies to those couples who have not yet done so. How can we prepare a meeting where our families will get to know each other? You have to bear in mind, above all, that such a first meeting will be very stressful for all participants. It is best to prepare food for this occasion. Eating a meal together will make the atmosphere much more relaxed. When eating, it’s much easier to find a common topic to talk about. Full stomachs will also have a positive effect on the mood of all gathered people. What to talk about during an arranged meeting of the young couple with their parents? The most important tip is that it is best to avoid any reference to political issues. This can lead to disputes and quarrels between the in-laws even before the wedding. Of course, the best topic for conversation will be wedding preparations.

Where to meet At home or in a restaurant?

A dinner at the house of a young couple or parents’ house will be a good solution if we want the meeting to have an official tone. In turn, a meeting in a restaurant will turn out to be a bull’s eye if we do not like cooking or if we want it to have an official tone. Of course, this option will cost us a bit more money, but we will save a lot of time for preparing dishes and snacks. The party that invites must pay for the food.