What should you know about air conditioning?

What should you know about air conditioning?

An air conditioner is a very simple and cheaper way to obtain pleasant temperature and humidity conditions at home. This solution is becoming more popular in single-family houses every year. Until recently, when we heard the word air conditioning, we thought about shops, restaurants or other similar facilities. In addition, air conditioning is used much more often as a heating device.

However, we often hear about the not very good effect of such equipment on our health. They are only caused by mistakes that the installers can make or the incorrect use of air conditioning. If we are dealing with correct installation and proper operation, the use of air conditioning will not cause anything wrong.

Air conditioning and ventilation

We cannot forget that air conditioning will never replace ventilation. The two processes are quite separate, but they complement each other. However, it is absolutely forbidden to give up ventilation after air conditioning is installed. If we are dealing with mechanical ventilation support, we should turn off the fans when we use air conditioning. Why? The constant flow of warm air offered by ventilation will make the air conditioning work much more intensively, which will significantly increase the costs of its operation.

Healthy air in our house or apartment

What should you know about air conditioning?Air-conditioning is recommended for people suffering from allergies or other lung problems. According to proven studies, the air quality in the house should be filtered, and this process is provided by the air conditioner. The filter in such equipment ensures that all harmful particles are caught. Thanks to this process, we can be sure that the air we breathe is clean and we will not find any dust, dust or allergens in it. Some models also have implemented air ionization systems. Unfortunately, we can only find them in high-end devices. Nevertheless, it is a great way to improve air quality for people with asthma, allergies or children.

Additionally, in the thermal and humidity conditions provided by air conditioning, we feel much better. During summer, the ideal temperature is 23-26oC and humidity ranging from 40 to 60%. In such conditions, our body does not sweat and feels comfortable.  In order to avoid colds and other illnesses, we must be careful with temperature regulation. We cannot do it any way we want. The maximum difference between a room with and without air conditioning is 7 ° C. If we do not follow this, we will have to reckon with a cold and even sinus or pneumonia.Adequate comfort is also ensured by the lack of any gusts of air or drafts. Therefore, pay attention to the direction of the gust and its speed. The speed should not exceed 0.2 m / s, otherwise it may cause health problems.

Removal of moisture

Another very important advantage of air conditioning in your own home or apartment is the removal of excess moisture. It is worth knowing that such equipment, apart from cooling the air, also removes excess moisture. Thanks to this, the air is much healthier and has a good effect on our well-being.

How does air conditioning work?

The system responsible for replacing and reducing the air temperature is based on the operating medium in the installation. Its circulation between the condenser and the evaporator causes the air to be cooled and the heat that is received is released to the outside.

What are the air conditioning costs?

When considering investing in an air conditioner, we can have a real problem. There are a lot of inexpensive devices on the market that attract with their price. However, don’t cheat yourself, the price goes hand in hand with the quality, so it’s not worth saving too much. On the other hand, when it comes to assembly, the price depends on several issues. We are talking about such aspects as the length of the entire process, type of equipment, mounting height or its type.

Economical operation of the air conditioner

If we want our equipment to be as economical as possible in hot weather, we should think about good insulation of walls, ceilings, window panes or building partitions. For this purpose, we can use films whose task is to reflect light. It is also worth thinking about blinds or other window blinds. The last thing worth paying attention to is the bulbs. It turns out that those not very ecological can also produce a lot of heat.

How long will the air conditioning run?

According to many, the air conditioner can work for up to 30 years. However, it depends on the parts that have been used, the correct operation, maintenance or the class of the equipment itself. Air conditioning is a great investment for the future. It has a positive effect on our health and well-being. In addition, they are encouraged by lower and lower costs of its purchase or assembly, which decrease significantly from year to year.