The last way, i.e. a pet's goodbye

The last way, i.e. a pet’s goodbye

For any animal lover, saying goodbye to a quadruped is a difficult experience that will remain in your memory forever. A lot of people also have a huge dilemma whether to give the body of their pet or break the law and bury it on a private property. Unfortunately, you won’t find cemeteries for pets in Poland. However, more and more often you can use the help of other companies, and more specifically – a crematorium for animals. 

What is an animal crematorium?

Crematorium for animals is a group of companies that are not yet too many in Poland, but the market is constantly expanding. This is a great way to guarantee your pet a goodbye and to acknowledge that it is time to leave. It is extremely important, because with taking your pet under your roof, an amazing bond is born – friendship and love for a new family member. We treat a pet as someone close, we experience many beautiful moments with him, and we trust him even more than a close family. No wonder his death is a terrible experience. The aforementioned crematoriums, which make the farewell not so heavy, can help in parting.

What is individual cremation in an animal crematorium?

Crematoria for animals offer two types of cremation – individual and group cremation. The first, however, is much more popular and more often chosen. It consists in incinerating one creature in a specially adapted furnace, in a cremation chamber. Typically, this process takes one to four hours, depending on the size of the pet. After all, when the ashes have cooled down, they are carefully collected and placed in an urn previously selected by the owner. It is worth mentioning that the crematoria only serve the bodies of pets. Therefore, private things, such as collars, toys and blankets, are not burned.
It is worth mentioning that some pet crematoria allow pet owners to participate in the final farewell. Such a procedure allows you to, in a sense, come to terms with the departure of your quadruped. After the cremation is finished, the owners get the ashes in an urn. Crematoria also provide customers with certificates that include, among other things, the date of the cremation, as well as the signature of the person who was responsible for the entire cremation process. Interestingly, people who cannot participate in the cremation can ask the staff of the crematorium to prepare a recording from the moment it started.

In the case of individual cremation, the employees agree – together with the client – the date of incineration of the animal, so that the family can take part in this process.

What is joint cremation?

In addition to individual cremation, you can also use the joint cremation option with other animals. The body of the pet is not described – it is simply completely anonymous for the employees of the crematorium. The process consists in incinerating several bodies of animals at the same time in one chamber. Customers can obtain a small amount of ashes upon request. The joint cremation process is much cheaper than individual cremation. The price depends on the size of the pet.

What animals can be cremated?

As the owners and employees of crematoria for animals admit, cats and dogs are most often cremated, but the owners also decide to cremate, among others, hamsters, rabbits, baskets, parrots, chinchillas and the like.

Why do pet owners choose crematorium services?

Many people are surely wondering why pet owners decide to cremate their pets after death. The answer is simple – many of them want their quadrupeds to be with them even after crossing the so-called rainbow bridge. In this way, the bond between them, in a sense, is never severed. Usually, owners choose decorative urns so that they can stand in their homes. Some, however, decide to bury them, especially if they live near pet cemeteries.

The animal crematoria industry is still in its infancy in Poland. Nevertheless, there are plenty of such alternatives to donating a pet’s body to customers and animal lovers. All because the death of a beloved dog, cat or hamster is extremely difficult. It’s hard to come to terms with. Moreover, death does not choose an opportune moment. It surprises us on weekends, holidays, at night or in the morning. Consequently, the crematoria are in operation all the time. They have their standard working hours, but it also happens that clients need help from the crematoria at different times. Therefore, employees are on the phone 24 hours a day.

As people associated with the process of cremation of pets emphasize – the most difficult part of this work are emotions and the owners saying goodbye to their pets. Parting with the closest member is never easy. Especially when it comes to quadrupeds who have never hurt us, and additionally trust us the most in the world. We are everything to them, and so are they to us.