Sandblasting of steel – what is it, effects, price.

All metal parts are exposed to damage due to corrosion over time. However, there are methods available to effectively combat the negative effects of the environment on the surface, for example steel. First of all, it is important to clean the elements regularly, which will be possible thanks to sandblasting of the steel. It is a very effective and safe way to clean metal parts. The cleaned surface becomes even and acquires the proper roughness, making it ideal for subsequent powder coating.

What is the process of sandblasting steel?

Sandblasting is a very common and frequently chosen method of cleaning many different surfaces, including steel. It was created by Benjamin Chew Tilghman. It is a process that uses an abrasive that is ejected from the equipment by compressed air or liquid. A device called a sandblaster is used for this procedure. It is responsible for the very thorough removal of all impurities remaining on the surface of the steel that have arisen over the years. It also perfectly cleans hard-to-reach places and all nooks and crannies. Steel sandblasting is used to clean steel structures, cars, containers, bridges, agricultural and construction machinery, and much more. Various abrasives are used for cleaning, such as: glass sand, quartz sand, glass balls,steel shot or copper slag.

What are the types of sandblasting of steel structures?

Several methods are used for sandblasting steel. Among other things, the so-called shot blasting is popular, during which shot particles are used to clean steel surfaces. It is precisely this that has been used especially in cleaning halls, because it is there that a lot of shot recovery is visible. Another type of cleaning is so-called wet cleaning. In it, the abrasive is combined with water at the correct pressure. Wet sandblasting has many advantages, above all, it can be applied to any surface. Recommended for sandblasting chimneys and posts. Importantly, it is so safe that it does not interfere with work in a given place.

What is the process of sandblasting steel?

Steel sandblasting is a very complicated process in terms of the technology used. During this method, sand particles hit a given surface under a certain pressure. The material used should be properly adjusted, including thoroughly cleaned. Not only sand is used, but often also shot, slag, glass, nut shells and even ice. The selection of a given material and the level of its fragmentation depends primarily on the desired result and the type of surface to be subjected to this method. When sandblasting steel, remember to follow all precautions. It should be borne in mind that, for example, quartz sand can cause dusting diseases. A person who performs sandblasting of steel must remember about the applicable health and safety requirements.Companies that perform steel sandblasting are equipped with high-quality devices for professional use, and their employees are adequately protected by clothes with a special ventilation system.

What effects of sandblasting steel can be expected?

Sandblasting of steel is primarily intended to protect it against the negative effects of exposure to weather conditions and other external factors. The surface of such elements is constantly exposed to dirt, contamination and corrosion. To keep steel structures in very good condition, regular maintenance is essential. Thanks to sandblasting of steel, all parts can be kept in perfect technical condition for many years to come. Importantly, sandblasting of steel allows for proper care of the entire structure, which also increases the safety of its use. A properly carried out procedure helps to get rid of old coatings and regain its former splendor. Thanks to sandblasting, each structure can regain its original appearance, thanks to which they look much more aesthetic.Thorough cleaning will also help reduce cavities and any imperfections in steel surfaces, so that they won’t grow larger over time.

Application of sandblasting of steel structures

Sandblasting of steel is a very effective method of cleaning the surfaces of entire structures. Such objects usually have load-bearing elements that transfer the loads to the foundation. Many of their elements are made of steel, which is exposed to many unfavorable factors, which may cause them to rust. Thanks to sandblasting, steel objects are protected against them and thoroughly cleaned. This process is very necessary and it is worthwhile to decide on it.

How much does sandblasting of steel structures cost?

The price is influenced by many factors, such as the type of surface or the condition of the elements. The area of ​​the country is also important, as is the individual offer of the company.