Psychotherapy is needed by everyone without exception

Psychotherapy is needed by everyone without exception

Today, almost every adult requires the help of a psychologist. But often he is not aware of it, or he dismisses the problem or is simply ashamed of visiting a psychologist. The effect is that, unfortunately, most suffer lonely. Few people in need of psychiatric help report to a psychologist, few people benefit from individual and group psychotherapy. Not to mention help from a psychiatrist.

People are driven by false shame and the desire to avoid being labeled as having a head problem. Because this is how a person who uses the help of these specialists is usually perceived by the society. In many countries of the world, a visit to such a specialist is nothing unusual. But we, Poles, still have to wait for the development of social awareness and tolerance in this respect.It is worth focusing on one of the above areas of science that provides help to people with mental problems, namely psychotherapy.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is one of the methods of treating pathological human behavior. It helps to deal with nagging mental problems, such as: emotions, obsessions, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, stage fright, phobia, anorexia, bulimia, social anxiety, spatial medicine, unstable personality, addiction, insomnia, depression.

Types of psychotherapy

There is individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and family psychotherapy.

  • – Individual psychotherapy consists of weekly one-hour meetings between the patient and a psychologist. And in some cases, carrying out prescribed homework in between meetings with a psychologist. This is the most common form of psychotherapy. The average length of therapy is eight sessions. Therapy is mainly based on conversation, but it can also be based on silence. The task of individual psychotherapy is to reach the patient’s awareness by analyzing various situations and making the patient aware of the causes of mental ailments and the actual state of affairs. This therapy is aimed at restoring the patient’s self-confidence by discovering and realizing their own “I”, which leads to the identification of desires, feelings and needs.
  • – On the other hand, group psychotherapy consists in regular meetings of small groups of patients with one or more therapists. Meetings are strictly confidential there. Group therapy is on average half an hour longer than individual therapy and lasts approximately ninety minutes. It is based on a conversation, monologue and discussion. And sometimes also in various activities, such as relaxation exercises, artistic activities or interaction with animals.
  • – Family psychotherapy is an important and necessary form of psychological therapy consisting in solving problems, and often also family conflicts. Its task is also to straighten shaky family ties or simply build new family ties between members of the closest family. Family therapy, similarly to the above-mentioned therapies, is based on cyclical meetings of family members with a psychologist. It involves a family conversation with a therapist. The conversation concerns difficulties in mutual relations. The sources of family misunderstandings are discussed together. Therapio helps to identify and name them, and looks for a way out of the family crisis.

Behavioral psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is needed by everyone without exceptionBehavioral psychotherapy emerged from behaviorism and is also sometimes used. Behaviorism is the science of human behavior. This science developed over a hundred years ago. The American psychologist John Broadus Watson was the first to present his own concept of behaviorism. Science was also shaped by such representatives as Albert Bandura, Joseph Wolpe, and Hans Eysenck.

Behavioral psychology combines elements of psychology, philosophy and methodology. It proves that human behavior depends on the environment as the main human shaping factor. The most important thing about it is positive reinforcement. Although it often does not happen. The patient’s disorders usually originate in childhood. It is the parents who have the greatest scope to show off by creating favorable conditions for their child’s development. But often parents also make parenting mistakes. Both behaviors and the other bear fruit in their children’s adult lives. Or they make a person self-confident, self-loving, happy, coping with adversities, believing in their abilities. Or they make people act destructively in adulthood, experience various tensions, do not believe in themselves, sometimes they do not even like themselves,he is unhappy, acts ineffective, experiences dilemmas.

What is the task of psychotherapy?

The task of psychotherapy, regardless of its type, is to create opportunities for the patient to develop favorably. For this to begin, a bond of trust must be created between the patient and the therapist. Only then can therapy be complete and helpful. It can trigger healing powers in the patient so that he can understand and overcome the problem as soon as possible. And start making constructive changes in your life.