Phlebologist - to the rescue of the veins

Phlebologist – to the rescue of the veins

Asedentary lifestyle, office work, overweight, improper diet, fatigue, high-heeled shoes cause that more and more people suffer from diseases of the venous system. Age is not of special importance in this case, as the problem affects patients of all age and professional groups. Diseases of the venous system more often affect women than men. Due to social demand, a new branch of medicine emerged from vascular surgery – phlebology.

Demand and classification of specializations

Venous system diseases are becoming a growing social problem. There was a natural need to educate specialists in the above diseases. The isolation of a separate specialization of a physician- phlebologist is also associated with a huge advancement in medical knowledge about the functioning and abnormalities of venous vessels that collect blood from tissues and deliver it back to the heart. Previously, this area of ​​science about the human body was little known and was considered not very important. In Poland, phlebology is dealt with by vascular and general surgeons, radiologists and dermatologists.

The Polish Society of Phlebology is very active ,which coordinates scientific and therapeutic activities and grants a phlebology certificate, which is “a certificate of the appropriate level of knowledge and skills of the applying doctor in the field of phlebology practice”. There is still no “ phlebologist ” specialization in the Polish medical education system . Within the meaning of the Act on the Profession of Physician and Dentist, the specialization of phlebology has not yet been approved in Poland .   This proves that the law and education of physicians are not adapted to the development of a given branch of medicine and the social demand for the services of a phlebologist.

Indications for a visit to a phlebologist

Legs are an exposed part of the body, especially by women. Ladies like to wear shorts, skirts, dresses, leggings and tight pants. They are proud of their legs and willingly emphasize them with high heels. Due to pregnancy, women are more likely to develop changes in the venous system. High-heeled shoes, a sedentary lifestyle, a lot of stress and living “in a hurry” do not serve the legs. After a whole day, women experience leg fatigue, heaviness, and swelling.

These are symptoms of adverse changes in the venous system, which should signal an alarm and prompt you to visit a phlebologist. Swelling around the ankles, spider veins, varicose veins, leg ulcers, long-lasting leg pain – these are symptoms of venous diseases. Any discoloration, eczema, hardening around the ankles are very disturbing changes that should be consulted with a phlebologist. Severe diseases of the venous system include: venous malformations, as well as superficial thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis. Unfortunately, there are cases of death due to thrombosis. Visiting a phlebologist if you notice any of the symptoms may even save your life. Spider veins around the ankles, varicose veins on the entire legs are an advanced stage of the disease, in which therapeutic measures should be taken as soon as possible. Venous problems can be genetic and inherited from your parents.

Chronic venous insufficiency

Spider veins and varicose veins are not only aesthetic problems, but above all health problems that require an immediate visit to a phlebologist and thorough diagnostics. After performing the Doppler ultrasound, the doctor- phlebologistmay initiate non-invasive or invasive treatment, depending on the person’s vein condition. Spider veins and varicose veins are symptoms of venous insufficiency, very difficult to treat. In therapeutic procedures, the aim is to minimize invasiveness, e.g. with special injections aimed at closing the vessels and the absorption of varicose veins.

The procedure in question is called sclerotherapy – it is painless, effective and does not require L4 relief. Several series are performed, preferably every two weeks. The entire treatment process takes about 2-3 months and the effects are excellent. Bruises may develop during treatment, but they disappear on their own over time. After treatment is complete, it is recommended that you wear compression stockings for several days. Phlebologisthe can also use a modernized method of sclerotherapy, performed under the guidance of ultrasound. A special foam is injected, which has a strong effect on the vessels and constricts. Under ultrasound guidance, the foam injection is more accurate and gives a better healing effect.

Only privately

In Poland, the specialization of phlebology is still not recognized. Treatment is not reimbursed by the National Health Fund. Recently, quite a lot of clinics and phlebology offices have been established. The demand is huge, but you have to treat yourself at your own expense, which of course limits the availability of treatment and is very socially unfair. Polish phlebologists have their achievements and are respected in Europe. The above medical discipline continues to develop despite formal difficulties. Thousands of cured patients are the best evidence of the scale of the problem of venous diseases and the need for specialists in this field.