How to take care of your nails at home?

How to take care of your nails at home?

Many women dream of perfectly groomed nails that will be their showpiece. This effect is sometimes difficult to achieve, especially if the nails are weak and brittle. However, it is worth taking care of them at home instead of opting for expensive beauty salon services. We advise you on how to nourish your nails and improve their condition. 

Resignation from hybrids

Until recently, the most popular form of manicure were hybrids, which could be performed both in a beauty salon and at home. It was enough to have the right accessories for this: nail files, a lamp, hybrid varnishes. However, it was quickly noticed that the hybrid manicure destroys the nail plate, which makes them weak and brittle. While removing one hybrid and applying another one did not allow you to notice it, a short break from this type of manicure shows the condition of the nails with a hybrid manicure. In addition, there were reports about the harmful effect of the lamp, which hardens the hybrid varnish.

According to scientists, the light emitted by the lamp can cause skin cancer.All this speaks in favor of giving up hybrid manicure for the benefit of gentle nail care at home. An alternative can be Japanese manicure that does not damage the nail plate. Nevertheless, nails in very bad condition should simply rest. Of course, you can apply a conditioner on them, but for a certain period of time you should put off any type of manicure, and even regular nail painting. The only question is, for how long? The answer is not simple and depends on the individual predispositions of women. For some, nails regenerate relatively quickly, while for others the whole process may take up to several months. It is worth bearing in mind that painting further worsens the condition of nails that are not fully regenerated and nourished.which does not destroy the nail plate. 

Nail files

The basis for taking care of nails is their proper filing, which allows you to get rid of all burrs and unify the appearance of the nails. Almost every woman has a file at home, but it is important to pay attention to how grit it is. Well, coarse-grained files should not be used by people who are unfamiliar with the art of manicure. This type of file is mainly used to remove the hybrid or gel, but it does not work well in nail care. It is much better to get a medium-grain file, which is used for the basic treatment of the nail and to give it the right shape.

Medium-grained nail files can properly model the nail, but on the other hand, they do not pose such a threat to it as coarse-grained nail files.People with very brittle and brittle nails can also obtain fine-grained nail files. They are very delicate and are mainly used to polish the plate, but they will also be good at modeling very brittle nails. Nail files, although in practice they serve not only to shape them, but also to polish the nail plate, they should not be used for the latter purpose when the plate is badly damaged. The unskillful use of, for example, a polishing pad or a polisher can do more harm than good.but also nail plate polishing should not be used for the latter purpose when the plate is badly damaged.

The art of nutrition

Every woman is aware of the necessity to use nail conditioners when their condition leaves much to be desired. After filing the nail with an appropriate nail file and removing the cuticles, you can apply the conditioner. However, it is worth choosing one that will serve our nails. Particular attention should be paid to conditioners based on natural ingredients – the lack of chemical additives may be beneficial for the nails. Unfortunately, choosing the right conditioner is usually done by trial and error – because it is rarely possible to find the perfect one right away. However, do not be discouraged by failures, and the conditioner, which clearly does not serve our nails, must be removed with a nail polish remover (preferably acetone-free – acetone damages the nail plate, but it is usually not needed to remove the conditioner).Proper nutrition should take place not only at the stage of nail care. There are food products that serve our nails exceptionally. We are talking mainly about jellies, which are rich in gelatin. It strengthens the nails and promotes their regeneration. Additionally, you should follow the rules of healthy eating – eat a lot of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, as well as lean meat or whole grain bread. Healthy eating has an impact on our body, including nails.

Taking care of your nails is a great art, especially when they are not in the best condition. Unfortunately, nails take some time to regenerate, but the good news is that even significant damage to them is usually not irreversible. What’s more, we can take care of our nails alone, at home.