W jaki sposób wybrać szkołę językową?

How to choose a language school?

The use of even one additional language is extremely useful nowadays and has become a kind of standard. Thanks to knowledge of foreign languages, you can count on getting your dream position and developing your career. The use of, for example, English or Spanish is also helpful during trips abroad. People who decide to learn one of the languages ​​usually decide to start their studies at a language school.

What are the advantages of learning in a language school?

Language companies offer learning many languages, especially English, German, French and Spanish. This solution is chosen by both private individuals and companies that want to improve the skills of their employees, especially if they deal with foreign clients. What are the biggest benefits of choosing a language school?

1. High-quality knowledge

The language school is based on a proven curriculum and on the appropriate knowledge that is necessary to master a specific language. Such institutions are primarily professional and often undertake cooperation with other companies, allowing them to obtain a certificate confirming the knowledge of the language.

2. Professional teaching staff

Language schools employ only qualified teachers. They have many years of experience, and the teachers must also undergo appropriate methodological courses. Their way of teaching allows for quick assimilation of knowledge by the participants of the lesson, and thus learning is extremely effective.

3. Modern ways of teaching

The institutions modernize their plans and teaching methods, thanks to which learning in schools becomes more attractive for participants and brings the intended results.

4. Control over progress

Learners’ progress at school is monitored at all times.

5. Motivation to learn

In a language school it is easier to focus on learning than when studying at home. Thanks to this, the science itself gives faster results.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a professional language school?

When deciding on the choice of a given facility, there are several important issues to consider. Importantly, not only the price should influence the decision-making process, as there are several much more important factors that will determine whether the entire teaching process will bring the desired results.

  • Way of teaching

Newer and newer methods of teaching foreign languages ​​are being developed all the time. Thanks to this, you can count on effective and quick learning, and its effects can be seen after a short time. Before choosing a school, it is worth getting acquainted with its teaching methods.

      • Number of participants in the group

There should not be too many participants during the classes, because then the teacher will not be able to adapt his teaching to the skills and requirements of the given participants. Contact with the teacher is then less. Too small number of people in the class is also disadvantageous, as it is impossible to have a bigger discussion during the classes and meet new people.

      • Qualifying exam

The aim of the school is to determine the level of knowledge of a foreign language by a person participating in the classes. It is for this reason that this institution conducts written or oral examinations. If the students oscillate at a similar level, then it means that the whole learning method turns out to be effective.

      • Teacher experience and qualifications

The quality of the entire course is primarily influenced by the teacher’s preparation, he or she must have a specific education. As for native speakers, they should be certified (DELTA, TEFL, CELTA, FTBE). In teaching, especially to children, proper pedagogical preparation is extremely important.

      • Language school price and offer

Language schools often offer many attractive promotions and discounts, which you can take advantage of thanks to the Big Family Card or student ID. However, it is important what exactly is included in the price of the classes, whether it includes additional materials, occasional games, thematic lessons, etc.

      • Language school location

The school should be located in an area with easy access. It is best if the journey itself does not take too much time.

What else to remember?

Before deciding to choose a language school, it is worth going to it first. A so-called virtual walk around the school is also a good solution. It is good to choose a place on the recommendation of someone you know who attended classes in the selected institution. It is also worth getting acquainted with the general opinions about the language school that can be found on the internet. Such opinions can be found mainly in various language learning forums, this way you can get valuable information about exactly how the classes in a given school look like. Such information will help in making the final decision about choosing an institution. If a person who wants to learn a language goes to the selected school personally, they will be able to meet some of the teachers in person, who will certainly provide all the information and answer bothering questions.