How to care for silver jewelry?

How to care for silver jewelry?

Silver jewelry is quite popular and is used by both women and men. Why is this happening? First of all, because silver belonging to the precious metals is durable, shiny and can be an addition to absolutely any styling. Despite the fact that silver jewelry is a huge boon, the vast majority of us forget to take care of it properly. When there is a chemical reaction of oxygen or sulfur with silver tinsel, discoloration, stains and dirt appear on the above-mentioned ones, which take away our jewelry shine, and thus it loses its appearance. As it turns out, even if the above situation occurs, it can be reversed as much as possible and our jewelery can be cleaned. 

What to do in order not to clean silver jewelry?

Answering the question – how to take care of silver jewelry? – we will start by answering the question – what to do not to clean silver jewelry ? As it turns out, it is really banal. Well, in order not to have to subject jewelry made of silver to care treatments, we should wear it as often as possible. Surprising isn’t it? At this point, it is also worth asking what is the reason? Namely, because our skin emits natural oils that have a cleaning function for silver jewelry.

Another important point is to avoid contact with household chemicals, chlorine, sweat, and objects that contain sulfur. In connection with the above, if we plan home cleaning using chemical cleaners or, for example, we go to a training during which we will pour the proverbial sweat from ourselves, remember not to do it in the company of silver jewelry . The same goes for solar radiation. Silver sparkles react badly to them, so every visit to the beach during which we will sunbathe will also not have a positive effect on them. Importantly, if we use a variety of cosmetics or perfumes, keep in mind that silver does not like them, so let’s put them on only after all kinds of care treatments.

How should silver be stored?

The first basic rule for storing silver jewelry is to make sure that it has as little contact with oxygen as possible. In this case, the popular string pouches will be the perfect solution. Of course, they do not look as effective as boxes, but nevertheless they are really effective, so you should consider using them. Importantly, we should make sure that each piece of jewelry is stored separately. The crowd of elements in one bag may cause scratching. For people who want to provide the best conditions for their tinsel, the perfect solution is to put chalk with them. The above-mentioned absorbs moisture, and thus minimizes the risk of tarnish.

How to clean silver?

In a situation where cleaning the silver becomes necessary, it is worth equipping us with appropriate accessories that will facilitate this process. First, we should buy soft cloths made of microfiber or flannel. You absolutely should not use paper towels, because due to their texture, they can scratch your jewelery. There are also dedicated cloths soaked in a suitable preparation on the market, which allow you to quickly and easily clean silver jewelry , so you should consider taking this option. Importantly, if our resources include old and extremely valuable items enriched with, for example, precious stones, then the best solution will be to entrust their cleaning to a jeweler.

However, when we move on to preparations that facilitate the process of cleaning silver jewelry, we can use both those available in stores and prepare them on our own. The first option usually contains a lot of harmful substances that can echo on our skin and irritate it. In connection with the above, a safer solution will undoubtedly be the preparation of the product yourself. In cleaning silver jewelrywarm water combined with a mild dishwashing soap that does not contain ammonia will work for sure. Another solution is to use baking soda and water. In this case, cover the jewelery with baking soda, then pour hot water over it and set aside for a while. Then just wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth and it’s ready. A solution of olive oil and lemon juice, white vinegar and baking soda as well as a treatment with baking soda, salt, aluminum foil and boiling water are also great for cleaning silver. The above-mentioned ones are safe for health, so we do not have to worry about allergic reactions.

As we can see, there are really many ways to clean silver. It is important to do it regularly and not to lead to a situation where the raid becomes large.