Heat pump and recuperation - the benefits of the combination

Heat pump and recuperation – the benefits of the combination

Energy-saving installations have taken over modern construction for good. New technologies and innovative solutions are aimed at generating additional savings related to maintaining the house and introducing more and more ecological solutions for the sake of the environment. Economical use of energy has become a priority so that future generations can live in a friendly and healthy environment.

There has been a clear increase in interest in heat pumps over the past few years . It is a perfect solution for introducing real benefits for the home. The same is the case with recuperation . What if you combine both devices and create the perfect relationship?

A few words about the heat pump

Simply put, heat pumps are devices that force heat to flow from an area with a lower temperature to an area with a higher temperature. It is an unnatural process, so it is necessary to apply mechanical or thermal energy. The type of heat pump is classified according to the method of obtaining heat and the method of its transfer to the room:

  • heat from the ground – they use the heat stored in the ground. This is the most frequently chosen method and the most effective in our climatic conditions. The greatest advantage of the soil is the constant temperature at a specific borehole depth, regardless of the season. Depending on the size of the plot, you can choose a horizontal or vertical system.
  • heat from water – they use heat from watercourses. Here, an appropriate assessment of the water status is necessary, but the system is effective and failure-free. The collector placed at the bottom of a pond, for example, is in this case several times smaller, because the water has an excellent ability to accumulate heat.
  • heat from the air – uses heat from the air outside. It does not require building any large installations, hence it is a popular solution for already existing houses.

Recuperation – what is it?

It is nothing more than a system for replacing the used and dirty air sucked in from the house with fresh and clean air from the outside, while recovering some of the heat already accumulated in the house. It is a ventilation system with heat recovery. The recuperator allows you to control the movement of air supplied and removed from the room. However, it retains heat and cleans it from impurities.

What is the phenomenon of combining both devices?

In the era of constant struggle for heating systems and increasing system efficiency, various installations are combined and thus extremely effective systems are created. The installation that brings the greatest heat loss is ventilation. Hence, a great idea is to combine a heat pump and recuperation , which recovers this heat. Such a system will reduce losses and increase the efficiency of the system.

A heat pump plus recuperation means a constant supply of fresh air at a comfortable temperature. In addition, the recuperator itself also takes care of the quality of this air. It is devoid of dust, fungi, dust and insects. A house with recuperation has lower energy requirements, thanks to which energy losses are minimized. The advantage of combining both devices is also the possibility to save extra money on the purchase of a heat pump . How? If the entire investment is at the planning stage and it is known from the outset that both systems will be used, a heat source with a lower heating capacity can be selected, because recuperation reduces the energy demand.  An additional advantage of the connection is the possibility of using the installation all year round.The heat pump produces heat in winter, and in summer it works on the air-conditioning principle, cooling the house without the need to install an additional air conditioning system. Of course, the heating or cooling capacity depends on the ventilation level and the indoor and outdoor conditions. This is of great importance in the transition periods

The combination of a heat pump and recuperation means adequate air circulation that meets EU standards for energy efficiency in construction from 2020.

Real home benefits

So, the real benefits for the home and residents:

  • heating, cooling, ventilation and water heating in one;
  • comfort of living in rooms with clean, fresh air free of harmful compounds;
  • real savings in cash and energy;
  • universality of the solution for both new and existing buildings;
  • independence from the turmoil on the gas and energy market;
  • increase in the value of real estate on the market.

Heat pumps, recuperation and ecology

The system is completely safe and environmentally friendly. Renewable energy sources and their use are a priority today. Out of concern for the future of their relatives and the environment in which they will live, everyone should be aware of introducing changes aimed at pro-ecological solutions. Reasonable ways to derive renewable energy resources reduce CO2 emissions and benefit air quality.

Modern solutions are a great idea to reduce the cost of maintaining your home. In order to select the appropriate installation and connection of systems, it is worth using the help and advice of a professional company. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the calculations are tailored to the needs of the household.