Everything you need to know about transcription of recordings

Everything you need to know about transcription of recordings

Sometimes it is necessary to provide a recording for transcription. Rewriting the recording itself may seem like a simple matter, but it is not. It is worth knowing which company to choose, what materials should be delivered and how the entire cooperation works. Everyone should take into account that the rewriting of the recording may sometimes take a long time. There are many factors influencing the time of order execution. So what is worth knowing about transcription of the recording?

What exactly is transcription?

Transcription is a text transcript of a recording. The person handling the recording has to listen to the recording and write down literally all of its content. Registrations can be made in different languages, depending on the needs and take up to several days. Many companies offer transcription services, but prices vary widely on the market.

What can be transcribed?

There are actually no limits. You can give away any recording, it doesn’t matter what topics are covered or how long it lasts. The person writing the content is obliged to maintain secrecy, this is important when the transcription of the recording of the court session is performed . You can also transcribe speeches, phone calls, conferences, family stories, sermons, lectures, interviews, and much more. An experienced transcriber will deal with any topic and provide such a service in a professional manner.

What is the price of a transcription?

The cost of transcription is influenced in particular by the amount of time it takes to complete it. Many factors can make this job slower and more difficult. Of course, it all depends on what material will be provided by the client. If you have a fairly high quality recording, you can hear every word exactly, and the language used is simple and doesn’t have any industry-specific, specialized words, then the process is easier and faster. However, if the received recording is in a foreign language, or if professional phrases are used in it, the whole recording will take much longer in this case. Each transcriber wants to do their job reliably and meticulously, therefore they can check whether their spelling of the words is correct.

How long does transcription take ?

Professional people who have been rewriting recordings for a long time can type on the keyboard very quickly, even at a rate of 1000 characters per minute. This is much faster than the speed of speech. It is about so-called traditional writing, without using various functions, including abbreviations or language simplifications. Usually, however, people who rewrite recordings get about 400 characters per minute, but this is a very good result.

What to consider when choosing a transcriber?

The most important thing is to be clear about your own expectations. Determine which form of settlement is the best. Will it be a remuneration calculated from the hour of work, from written signs, or maybe for the completion of the entire task? It is worth proposing a test task, then you can check the skills of the person regarding the quality of work and writing time. It is worth determining in advance all your requirements and criteria taken into account when selecting the person writing the recording. First of all, the time of order completion is important. If the recording must be made as soon as possible, you can set 24 hours for it, if it is not urgent, you can order its execution up to, for example, 72 hours. The type of transcription is also importantand the language in which it is supposed to be. You can also opt for a comprehensive service, not only of the transcription itself , but also of its correction and editing. In some cases, you can also obtain additional materials created from the transcribed recording. All needs should be clearly defined, they will have a visible impact on the working time of the person and the total price of the service.

Is it possible to have a recording transcribed in a foreign language?

Yes, but not every person will undertake such an order. The performer must have a very good command of the foreign language into which the recording is to be transcribed. This service is also usually more expensive compared to the list of recordings in Polish.

How does the entire transcription process take place, what can you expect when ordering such a service?

By choosing to transcribethe recordings, the customer must know that he will receive a meticulously and reliably prepared written form. He will receive a file saved in a text editor, in which the statements of all people on the recording were clearly written down. Sometimes it is also possible to use an additional option, inserting time stamps. This makes it easier to find certain parts of the recording. Deciding to use the service of a recorder saves a lot of stress and nerves. It is a job that requires a person great patience, good hearing and precision in writing down even very difficult, specialized words. In addition, you should have the right conditions for its implementation, you should not get distracted, there should be peace and quiet around.Professional companies guarantee high-quality transcription and attractive prices for their clients.