Economical and ecological prefabricated wooden houses

Economical and ecological prefabricated wooden houses

The first prefabricated wooden houses began to appear in the mid-twentieth century. During this period, massive construction of single wooden houses began in Canada and the United States of America. Such houses made the dream of living in an eco-friendly building a reality. The deteriorating day-to-day environmental situation made many people think about their own health and that of their children. Giving up on synthetic finishing materials and moving to a new home outside the city limits all the problems that arise. However, in order to build your own prefabricated wooden house, you do not need physical fitness, knowledge and money, but also time. The tree contains a fairly large amount of moisture. Therefore, after installing the wooden structure, you need to wait for the logs to dry,and the house will take its final shape.

Time saving with wooden construction

Wooden prefab houses allow you not only to build your own house in a short time, but also to prevent shrinkage during operation. Also, frame structures, which have become quite popular in the last few decades, enable designers and architects to implement any of their ideas. Today, prefabricated panel houses and houses made of wooden beams are distinguished. Prefabricated wooden houses are one type of green timber buildings, ie an environmentally friendly material. They are assembled from glued beams specially prepared for the object to be performed. A house project is preliminarily created, for which wall kits are prepared, exactly corresponding to the developed project.

Stages of construction of prefabricated wooden houses

The technology of building a wooden house from solid or glued beams differs in that the corners of the beams have a certain slope, which allows you to quickly and efficiently connect all the elements into a single structure. When assembling wooden houses, glued and solid beams are joined, so that additional materials for the insulation of the structure are not required during further work.  The wood is laid on a previously prepared foundation, covered with a waterproofing material. During construction, metal dowels and special insulation of natural origin are used. This ensures the reliability of the structure, its high thermal insulation properties. The finished wall structures are covered with a special protective composition, it is a primer designed specifically for coating wood as a protection of buildings against external factors and various insects.

Installation of houses from glued beams

Prefabricated wooden houses have gained great popularity in our country, as they are designed for various weather conditions. The basis of any design is the frame:

  • It is made of strong wood according to the honeycomb-like cell structure method.
  • Inside, such a frame is filled with special insulation.
  • Outside, for better thermal insulation, the frame is sheathed with a wooden chipboard.
  • To prevent fire in wooden houses, they are covered with a special fire-fighting composition.

If prefab wooden houses are not made of glued beams, the walls require additional protection. Therefore, when assembling the house, the outer side of the walls is finished with a windproof membrane. Today, these houses are the most optimal way to solve the housing problem. The natural wood used to build the house allows you to break away from any problems and find harmony with nature.

Currently, in the country, the construction of cheap prefab houses is at the peak of popularity, as everyone has a unique opportunity to purchase inexpensive houses built using modern building materials and the latest technologies. The houses attract with a harmonious combination of comfort, coziness, speed and ease of construction. But the main argument for many people is the low price with the highest quality construction

Prefabricated panel houses

All over the world, the technology of building prefabricated houses occupies a leading position in the field of individual construction. Such houses are used not only in the construction of residential areas, but also in the construction of large-scale commercial facilities. This is due to the profitability and practicality of such buildings. The houses consist of a kit that includes panels, load-bearing elements, ceiling structures, partitions, window and door openings, roof elements.

In general, when building them, all the necessary conditions are taken into account to create reliable and solid housing. Such buildings will serve for a very long time and will surely become a real and warm family home. Prefabricated panel houses are considered the best option if you dream of building your own economical home. The optimal ratio of modern technology and affordable prices, moreover, you can live in them both in summer and in winter. Wood is becoming an increasingly popular material, it is environmentally friendly and creates comfortable living conditions. You can buy a house of absolutely any configuration: year-round, for summer or winter holidays.