Dairy products - a way to have a healthy and balanced diet

Dairy products – a way to have a healthy and balanced diet

Dairy is a wide group of food products, generally available in virtually every grocery store and supermarket. Due to its popularity and easy reach, it is consumed by millions of people around the world every day. In order for the daily diet to be beneficial, it must be properly balanced and contain the necessary nutrients to properly feed the body to function. Thanks to this, you can maintain vitality and health for many years. Recommendations for healthy eating change on average every few years – a team of qualified nutritionists are working on it. However, products that should permanently appear in our diet are included in the so-called food pyramid, one of the elements of which are food products containing dairy products.

So what is dairy and what are the benefits of consuming it? Is it healthy and does it not harm the proper functioning of the body?

Dairy products – what is it and what is it characterized by

Dairy is a group name that represents foods that include milk and milk products. Its composition mainly contains calcium – an element responsible for the proper structure of teeth and bones and for the transmission of appropriate nerve impulses. Food products of dairy origin also contain easily digestible fats, protein as well as mineral salts and vitamins A, B2, B12, D, thanks to which dairy products play an important role in the diet and nutrition.

Dairy is an ingredient that plays an important role in the human food pyramid – it provides all the necessary ingredients for the proper functioning of the body. It is an indispensable element in the diet of young children, pregnant women and the elderly. Food products of dairy origin, apart from meat, are the main source of wholesome protein, which is necessary for proper growth and development.

Foods containing dairy products include:
– milk,
– yoghurt,
– cheese,
– cottage cheese,
– buttermilk,
– kefir,
– cream,
– butter.

Some people cannot tolerate dairy products and therefore cannot be eaten by them. Such people are offered goat cheese and products that are analogues of dairy products, but without allergenic ingredients, such as protein or lactose (milk sugar).

Dairy products – wholesome food – advantages

Dairy is one of the essential components of the daily diet of every human being. It is especially important in the nutrition of young children and the elderly, where the condition and growth of bones is of great importance. Providing the body with the necessary minerals and vitamins is the basic principle of a healthy lifestyle. The advantages of consuming dairy products are as follows:
– strong, strengthened bones and healthy teeth,
– proper regeneration of tissues and muscles,
– proper maintenance of calories,
– easy maintenance of a slim figure,
– proper protection of the stomach walls – prevention peptic ulcer disease
– high content of minerals and vitamins,
– the right amount of easily digestible fats and proteins.

Dairy is an ingredient that has a positive effect on the functioning of the body. Provided in the right amount, it provides energy, healthy development and growth. It is an essential element in the diet not only of young children, but also of the elderly and middle-aged people. It is worth remembering that foodstuffs of dairy origin should be included in the daily menu.

Can dairy products be harmful to health?

Although dairy is one of the basic nutrients that should be included in the diet of every human being, consumed in excess or by a person who is intolerant of any of its ingredients, it can be more or less harmful. We are talking mainly about people allergic to the protein of cow’s milk and milk sugar, i.e. lactose.

What is the effect of dairy products on the functioning of the body?

Including dairy products in your diet helps to supplement any deficiencies of fat-soluble vitamins. Food products of dairy origin are also an irreplaceable source of B vitamins, which affect the proper functioning of the nervous system. They also ensure good bioavailability of vitamin D, especially in the period without sun. Dairy products are a source of proteins, which are an essential element in building muscles and tissues – this is especially important for people struggling with overweight. Well-absorbed protein ensures proper development and faster fat burning. It gives a feeling of satiety and supports the regenerative processes of the skin. In addition, dairy products are an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus and are a tasty and healthy part of any diet.

Dairy products are a wide range of products containing a rich source of vitamins and other nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body. A well-balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and the right amount of physical activity are a recipe for a healthy and long life. Dairy is one of the basic nutrients in the food pyramid, so it should not be omitted when planning your daily menu. It is an important ingredient for both the elderly and young children.