Costa Rica is an interesting corner of the world

It is worth visiting Central America during the holidays or holidays. And in it one of the small states, which is Costa Rica, with five million permanent residents. Of course, there are many more people during the holiday season. Costa Rica is six times smaller than Poland. In Costa Rica, the vast majority of the population is white. But there are also Mesti, Mulat, Indians, and Negroes. The official language is Spanish, but you can also communicate easily in English. The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose, a city almost 12 times smaller than Warsaw.

It is the main industrial and commercial center. The main Religion in Costa Rica is Catholicism. Because as many as 70% of Costa Rica’s inhabitants profess the Catholic religion. There are also Protestantists in Costa Rica, there are Mormons and about 8% of non-religionists.There is also a woman in Costa Rica (Floribeth Mory Díaz), whose miraculous healing from a deadly disease contributed to the canonization of our great compatriot, Pope John Pal II.

What should everyone going to Costa Rica know?

Costa Rica is located on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It borders with Panama and Nicaragua. When going to this region of the world, it is worth knowing that the climate in Costa Rica belongs to the subtropics. The average temperature there is around 26 degrees. And the fact that Costa Rica is a mainly mountainous and upland country. And, unfortunately, it lies in the zone of seismic activity. There are also many volcanoes, but very few of them are active. On the other hand, criminals are very active, so when traveling around the country you have to be careful about thieves.

Costa Rica is home to many animals and plants that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Access to sea water, beaches, flora and fauna are a reason to go to Costa Rica during your vacation. There is also a variety of culture, customs and culinary traditions. This diversity is so great that it is worth seeing and comparing it with the home country. For example, there is no military in Costa Rica. There are also no house numbers. The place of residence is determined by the description of the nearby building. But there are beautiful beaches, for example in Tamarindo, Cahuita, Jaco. There are national parks with wildlife. As well as museums. Those wishing to learn more about Costa Rica’s history can visit the National Museum of Costa Rica. And lovers of numismatics can visit the Museum of Numismatics. There is also a museum of Pre-Columbian Gold to visit.

What else do you need to know before going on holiday to Costa Rica?

Vacationers going to Costa Rica must know that a valid passport is needed, but there is no visa requirement for Polish citizens. But you cannot stay in this country for tourism for more than three months. It is also necessary to have a return ticket. In case of any help, you need to contact the diplomatic mission in Mexico, because there is no Polish government representation in Costa Rica.

And what are the prices for purchases and services in the context of Polish prices?

At the outset, it should be noted that Costa Rica is not a cheap country for tourists. In this country, you can pay with Costa Rica’s native currency, which is Colones, or with dollars. For example, an overnight stay in a hotel costs between $ 30 and $ 100. Of course, the price depends on the standard and place. Cheap lunch around $ 10. However, the more expensive is twice as much. Bread costs $ 2 and bottled water about $ 1 as well as beer. Besides, vacationers must strictly adhere to the fact that in Costa Rica not to drink raw water. Only drink boiled or bottled water. In addition, tourists need to know that all kinds of attractions are paid in Costa Rica, including even park entrance. Which translates into more money that you have to take with you when going to Costa Rica.