Carpet washing - on your own or is it better to outsource it to a specialized company?

Carpet washing – on your own or is it better to outsource it to a specialized company?

Everyone has carpets in their apartment or in their home. They are larger or smaller copies. No matter what carpets we have, we must keep them clean at all times, because carpets are a source of many bacteria. It turns out, however, that washing carpets is not that simple and we sometimes wonder whether or not to commission this cleaning to professionals.

do it yourself

When we have pets, very often there is a lot of hair and hair in the carpet. We can also meet with food scraps or rubbish that animals bring from the yard on their paws. Such a neglected carpet does not look good. Moreover, it is a veritable habitat of bacteria. If, apart from pets, there are also children in our house, this kind of contamination on the carpet can be very dangerous. In such a situation, you should regularly vacuum the carpet, but also wash your carpets from time to time. We would like to point out right away that washing carpets is not a simple activity at all. We have to take this into account. This is an activity that we must pay attention to. After all, we will also get a little tired with it. Of course, everything from the degree of soiling to the carpet. In addition to basic skills, we also need to have all the means needed to wash carpets.

Among us, there are certainly supporters of the use of chemicals as well as natural remedies that can be prepared at home. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Chemicals, as the name suggests, have chemicals. For this, we must take into account the fact that they are, unfortunately, expensive. It is enough for us to walk around a large-area store and we will not only get dizzy, but also be shocked by the price of the amount of washing detergents used for carpets.

Based on natural ingredients, such as vinegar, lemon juice or soda, we can prepare cleaning and washing agents. If we were interested in these kinds of measures, we would find a lot of blogs on the web where various instructions are given. There is nothing complicated about it. It is enough for us to properly combine the individual proportions.

Departing a bit from the topic of carpet washing agents, we must be aware that no one can guarantee that we will actually get off the dirt. We have to reckon with the fact that, despite our efforts, lost time and lost money, the stains will still be as visible as before.

So do we have an alternative? An alternative is to outsource the carpet washing to a professional company.

Washing company

As we can see, there is always an alternative. If carpet washing is beyond our skill, or we just don’t have time for it, then we should enlist the help of a washing company. There are many such companies on the market. Most often, cooperation with this type of company is such that we bring a carpet to the company’s headquarters or the company picks it up from us. After completing the service, the company brings us a changed and, above all, clean carpet or we collect it ourselves. It depends on the specific company and the terms on which we agreed with it. Of course, we have to pay for this service. Nobody will wash our carpet for free. Probably many people are interested in the price of such a service. We are not able to answer this question unequivocally. We have to take into account that the final price depends primarily on a given company, but not only. The size of the carpet and, above all, the degree of its contamination are also very important. The company at the place of collection of the carpet or on the basis of photos (if we arrange everything online) assesses the condition of our carpet and proposes a price. Such a valuation is non-binding. We can agree to it or not.

The right choice of company

However, if we are interested in professional carpet washing, we should primarily focus on choosing the right company. Each company that we are interested in should be found on the web and read the opinions about it. Opinions can be positive (may they be) as well as negative.  Of course, we are interested in working with a company that has the best satisfied customers. When choosing, of course, we use the price, but we must know that sometimes it does not work. Most often, we choose the cheapest companies that, unfortunately, do not offer high-quality services.

Therefore, it is possible to pay little, but the service may not be performed as we wanted. In the end, we will not be satisfied with this service. It has been said for a long time that it is sometimes better to pay a bit more for a given service and enjoy a really impeccable performance. We should aim at high-end companies, and we will not be disappointed. It is also very safe to choose companies on recommendation. Many people use the carpet washing services, so certainly one of our friends or family can recommend the appropriate company to us with all their heart.