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Car transport by tow truck

Car transport cannot be covered by insurance in every situation, then it may turn out to be a considerable expense for us. The tow truck is used when transporting damaged cars, but also when the car is imported from another city or from abroad. The price of renting a tow truck depends primarily on its capacity and equipment.

So what is a tow truck and a tow truck?

A tow truck is a loading platform or a type of trailer. It is attached to a roadworthy vehicle, and only on it are the vehicles that need to be transported to a given place. A tow truck, on the other hand, is a specialized vehicle that enables the transport of other vehicles or machines. It can be used to transport cars after a road accident, as well as, for example, agricultural machinery and construction machinery. It is also used to transport so-called specialist equipment.

When can we transport the car without incurring additional costs, and when do we have to pay for the tow truck ourselves?

In many situations, we can take advantage of free towing. Therefore, it is worth checking in advance whether our policy also covers transport of the vehicle by tow truck , if necessary. Each policy should contain information in which cases we can use free towing and in which area. The tow truck services are used especially in the case of a road collision, caused not by our fault. Such assistance can be used on the basis of a valid civil liability insurance. It is also good to have AC, then we have many more possibilities. Then we will have a choice, for example, the destination of the car towing, then we can take it directly to our mechanic. It is worth having an additional policy, for which we will not pay too much. Not every situation allows you to order a tow truck for free. Vehicle transport within one city or agglomeration is not the most expensive.

However, further distance may hit us in our pockets. The services of the tow truck are also used by people involved in car races. Most cars used for racing on special tracks are not licensed for use on public roads. Then the only solution for their owners is tow trucks. The tow truck is also used to transport new cars to showrooms. The tow trucks can transport not only vehicles, but also furniture. When using a tow truck or a tow truck, the most important role is to properly secure the transported load, it must arrive undamaged, and it must not pose a threat to other road users. It is best to choose trustworthy companies that rent tow trucks or tow trucks.

How to safely transport a vehicle on a tow truck?

If we decide to rent a tow truck, we should remember that being holders of a category B driving license, we can drive the vehicle up to a maximum of 3.5 tons. If the weight of the tow truck and passengers is greater, then it will be necessary to have a category C driving license. Before the journey itself, it is worth checking it, so as not to risk certain consequences, such as, for example, a fine or, worse, the retention of the registration document. When loading the car on a tow truck, make sure that the transported vehicle is evenly distributed. It must be in a stable position. It cannot slide while driving, it started to slide, which could lead to a road accident. The heaviest axle of the vehicle should be located in the center of the cargo area. In addition, remember about the safety belts,they must be attached to the wheels of the vehicle and to the belt buckles.

Rental and purchase of a tow truck

Renting a tow truck without a driver is definitely a cheaper solution, provided we have the appropriate permissions. Tow trucks are especially useful in the case of accident-damaged cars. The tow trucks can even deal with very wrecked cars, a large part of which has been crushed. A person operating such a tow truck from a professional company will handle it in any case. The tow trucks may have additional equipment, for which we will also pay when renting. Some entrepreneurs decide to buy a tow truck to transport foreign vehicles. It is then more profitable for the company than renting such a tow truck. However, they must take into account that the tow trucks are not the cheapest. We have to pay even around 30,000 for better models. zlotys. It all depends, of course, on the requirements for the technical condition of the vehicle and its equipment,year of production or mileage. Larger companies decide to buy a tow truck. The tow truck, on the other hand, costs much less and is also cheaper to maintain. This is a better solution if we only need to transport the vehicle once in a while. Roadside assistance services are an option for people who need to use a tow truck in emergency and unexpected situations. For example, when our vehicle suddenly breaks down, preventing it from continuing to drive, or we have been involved in a road accident. Usually, driving a damaged vehicle is impossible.