Back and neck pain is a reason to consult an orthopedist in Szczecin

Back and neck pain is a reason to consult an orthopedist in Szczecin

Back pain is the most common reason for patients visiting an orthopedist in Szczecin. Ailments located in this area affect people of all ages. Back pain occurs at the most unexpected moment and often forces you to give up normal functioning. Since many people believe that such a problem is a temporary phenomenon, they often resort to self-medication with painkillers and ointments, or leave the disease untreated, hoping that it is a temporary phenomenon. The problem is often associated with a sharp change in weather, so the period of exacerbation of this disease occurs in the spring and autumn months.

The most common causes of back pain

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Old age
  • Hard work
  • Sedentary work
  • Work related to stress.

Why is a visit to an orthopedist in Szczecin so important?

Back pain can lead to stretching or overloading of the back muscles, acute respiratory infections, diseases of the kidneys and pelvic organs, displacement of the intervertebral disc, compression of the spinal cord due to inflammatory processes, and much more. So what if the pain is so severe that it is impossible to lead a normal life for this reason? What’s the fastest way to get rid of pain? What is the cause of this ailment? To get answers to these and other issues, you need to go to an orthopedist, Szczecin is a city where you can consult such a specialist.

The orthopedist is able to correctly diagnose the cause of the problem and develop the most effective method of treatment. Back pain should not be ignored, let alone self-medicate, as it can significantly worsen your health. In most cases, back pain is temporary and does not require specific treatment. In other cases, pain may occur from a fracture, infection, vascular failure, or tumor and requires immediate medical attention.

Symptoms that indicate that it is urgent to seek the help of an orthopedist in Szczecin

  • Excruciating constant back pains
  • People under 20 or over 50 years of age
  •  Back pain is observed after the last overstrain, injury or fall
  • Back pain is accompanied by delay or incontinence, constipation
  • Against the background of pain, the sensitivity of the skin in the genital area and / or on the inner thighs decreases
  • Back pain gets worse every day for the past week
  • Back pain becomes stronger when bending, lying down at night
  • Back pain is accompanied by fever, general malaise
  • Against the background of back pain, weakening of the strength of the muscles of the extremities is noted.

Only timely diagnosis and treatment will prevent the development of serious complications associated with the progression of the disease process in the spine (osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, radiculopathy, hernia, ankylosing spondylitis, scoliosis, etc.). And it will also eliminate the first symptoms of the disease without any health consequences. Back pain sufferers should remember that if this issue is neglected, hospitalization may be necessary. An orthopedist in Szczecin treats back pain, helps identify the cause of this condition and recommends an effective treatment program.

Neck pain requires consultation with an orthopedist in Szczecin

The neck is a kind of conductor between the brain and the body. There are many important lymph nodes, nerve endings, and arteries in the neck area. Any discomfort or pain in the neck can indicate a malfunction of the entire body. Even a sharp turn of the head can cause pain, and according to statistics, about 2/3 of the entire population of the planet suffer from neck pain.

The causes of neck pain are various injuries of the upper spine, hernia, tumors, immune disorders, infectious diseases. A sedentary lifestyle also causes neck pain, as the constant sitting at the computer puts strain on the muscles in the neck. The most common causes are diseases such as osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, and cervical spine hernias. These diseases worsen with age.

Both women and men over the age of 30 are at risk. The wear and tear of the joints, as well as parts of the cartilage, leads to severe pain, which requires immediate contact to an orthopedist in Szczecin. Many people try to cure pain in the neck area through online advice before seeking qualified help. According to the experience of an orthopedist, this is often in vain, as pain does not mean that the neck is the cause.

Neck pain treatment by an orthopedist in Szczecin

Neck pain can be a reflection of a disease in the body. And only a specialized examination can reveal the true cause of the pain. If you take into account the factor that self-medication can lead to disability, consultation with an orthopedist is the best solution. The specialist offers the appropriate range of services to diagnose the cervical spine and the entire body. After receiving the test results, the orthopedist will prescribe effective treatment. By the way, physiotherapeutic procedures and medications will be required to treat neck pain. In some cases, your doctor may refer you to surgery.