An elegant trade stand

An elegant trade stand

The contemporary struggle for the customer is based not only on making the recipient interested in the offer, proposing a product he needs at a given moment or persuading him to buy something that he will use in some time. There are hundreds of similar products. The customer’s interest is not even determined by the quality or price, but by the way of display. The consumer is “bombarded” with hundreds of stimuli, he watches advertisements, even regardless of his will. He is aware of what he is buying. With the multitude of information, promotional materials and goods, it may overlook an insufficiently effective shop window. The display of goods at the sales stand plays a key role in reaching the customer.

Interest the client

The modern sales process focuses on two guidelines: delivering the goods to the consumer and interesting display of the goods. There are several dozen stands in the shopping mall. There is no room for boredom, you have to stand out from the competition. Trade stands and islands can attract the attention of customers and encourage them to buy the advertised goods. Backlights, glazing, a large space for the seller, logo, interesting decorative motifs, fancy shapes of trade stands focus the customer’s eye. In the process of building brand recognition in a shopping mall, trade stands are of key importance. The display of the goods in the mind of the consumer shapes the opinion about a given company. Customer preference research has proven that elegant commercial stands  positively influence the interest in the products displayed on them. A beautifully presented product is a direct option, or even an invitation to the consumer to take advantage of the offer.

Functionality and aesthetics

From the point of view of traders, a trade stand should be functional and elegant. A functional stand makes it possible to arrange all the goods and show potential customers the copies intended for promotion. A large number of shelves of various sizes and effective glazing are the most important advantages of the trade stand.  For the seller, the issue of security is also important – physical separation from the customer, while maintaining the ability to efficiently service people interested in viewing and purchasing goods. Trade standsThey can also act as a counter in a store or create a separate commercial space in a hypermarket, e.g. a stand with cheese or meat and sausage products. Large glazing ensure good visibility of the goods, and wide counters – good and convenient access to the product and convenience in customer service. Lockers under the counter allow you to safely store your inventory. On request, commercial island manufacturers make display windows lighting.

Visual identification with the brand

The key to success in trading is identifying the customer with the brand. In the space of a shopping mall where hundreds of companies exhibit their products, it is necessary to distinguish the brand. A well-known logo is not enough. Necessary exhibition space that will associate the recipient with a given brand. The largest market players can afford to open a store in a shopping mall. New companies and enterprises offering niche products usually do not have such a possibility. They can present and sell their products using the exhibition island. A trade stand facilitates the identification of the brand, builds trust in it and the customer’s willingness to return. Consumers appreciate creativity in the presentation of goods in a small space and willingly buy products presented at such stands.

Types of goods on display

On the stands of trade can show any goods: clothing, shoes, pillows, food, toys, electronics, cosmetics, home textiles, porcelain, stationery, jewelry, hair accessories, pots, books, newspapers, games, small appliances and equipment sporty. The type of the trade stand can be easily selected for the assortment sold. The offer includes stands with a lot of glazing or shelves.

Not only to the shopping mall

Trade fairs, exhibitions, symposia and conferences are a great place to present your brand, as well as the possibility of direct sale of goods and services. An important stage in the preparation for the fair is selecting an effective trade stand that attracts the eyes of potential contractors and business partners. A beautifully displayed commercial offer at the fair opens the way to establishing new business contacts and acquiring customers. During international fairs and presentations, it is important that the sales stand combines functionality with attractiveness and aesthetics. The chic look is emphasized by LED lighting. Regular visitors to the fair warn against renting a trade stand from the organizer, because it is usually of lower quality and does not look attractive.

Trade stands have become a permanent element of shopping malls. The effective presentation of the goods draws the attention of the potential buyer. The trade stands prove that you do not need to be a shop owner to get the attention of gallery customers who stop at selected trade stands while shopping.